Return to Thorncliffe School

It recently became common knowledge that there was ways to get into the now derelict Thorncliffe School. Being a former pupil at that school and it being a big part of my life, I decided to chance it and go and have a look for myself. I successfully entered through one of the many smashed doors and the memories instantly started flooding back, memories that I would never have remembered if I hadn't made the visit. Teachers names that I had forgotten about were popping into my head along with past experiences, some of which I would have been glad to forget!It was very strange walking down deserted hallways that were one filled with smells of school dinners, freshly cut wood and crowds of children messing around in-between lessons. Very strange but also brilliant and something I'm glad I did while I could.Here are just a few the pictures I captured that day.

My old form room

A view from a centre block window of tower block.

Zombie apocilypse?

The floor was littered with old equipment and smashed glass.

The wasted sports hall.

Too many memories indeed.

The assembly hall.

The awesome view from the top of tower block.

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