Marmaris & The Grand Bazzar

Near the end of my recent holiday to Marmaris I decided to venture out on my own with my camera. Earlier in the week me and the family went to the famous 'Grand Bazzar' shopping centre and it was quite the experience so I decided to use this and the journey to it as the subject for my photography.

So I started off walking what I was told was about a half hour trek but the blistering heat soon put a stop to that and I jumped on one of the many 'buses' that drive down the main strip regular. (I use the term bus loosely)

On leaving the 'bus' the lure of an ice cold Effes was too strong so I decided to stop at a nice little bar and capture some photos from there.

I left the bar after *cough* three cold beers and made my way to the entrance of the Grand Bazzar.

Approaching the entrance was a strange feeling, almost like I was preparing myself for battle. It's no secret that the Turks are on the pushy side when trying to get you to buy stuff or get you into their shops and this tunnel like entrance is lined with market stall style shops selling all the famous 'genuine fakes'. Walking down the middle of this is quite a task but I learned to ignore the touting locals and only engage eye contact if I was interested in what they had to offer.

For some reason the locals often used the phrase 'Asda price' to try and get you into their shops, and this one below has taken that a step further and named their shop after it!

After FINALLY reaching the end of the long tunnel the Grand Bazzar opens up to a much more pleasant open shopping area with more shops that sell 'real' goods.

If you ever go to Marmaris, this is worth the trip even if its just for the sight seeing!

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